Did you hear the news?

Dr. Kassie Tricola
& Dr. Brenna Harris

joined our Family Medicine
and Obstetric Team!

Caring for the ENTIRE family

No matter the age...

Because your healthcare needs

Grow TOO!

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Below are 4 quick links to our health care teams – all working together to provide quality care for you and your family!

Family Medicine

For Your Growing Health Needs!

Palouse Medical’s Family Medicine Team provides care designed to meet your specific health and wellness goals. Keeping individuals and families healthy and strong, they focusing on providing a comprehensive, patient centered approach.  They enjoy assisting patients with all types of preventative, chronic and complex health conditions.

Internal Medicine

Expert Adult Care, Inside & Out!

The Internal Medicine Team at Palouse Medical are ready to help patients deal with their health care concerns — no matter how common, rare, simple or complex.  They have specialized in primary care for adults (ages 16 and older) and are ready to help patients struggling with multiple disorders, chronic illnesses, and/or complex health conditions.

 Pullman ReadyCare

Walk-In Care You Can Trust!

Acute illness and minor injuries may not always require a trip to the Emergency Room, but can still need immediate attention.  When the unexpected happens, remember our walk-in clinic is happy to help with your minor care needs. Open everyday for you, we assist residents, area guests and patients of all ages.

OB Care & Delivery

For Every Step Of Your Journey!

Our OB team stands ready to place you under their care as you plan and prepare for childbirth. Following your care from conception to the day you bring home your new baby, and years to come. Our team is ready to help you through any unique situations and our close proximity to the hospital, makes our office a great choice to consider for your prenatal care!