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Pamasco was founded in 1973. For over 3 decades, we were the sister company of Park Manor Coffee Company of Chicago. Our name was a combination of Park Manor (PA, MA) Service (S) Company (CO) and therefore PAMASCO was born. Our primary objective was dedicated to the repair of commercial coffee makers, hot chocolate machines, powdered cappuccino machines, iced tea brewers as well as hot water dispensers. Pamasco was also among the leading distributors of Bunn-O-Matic coffee makers, Wilbur Curtis coffee makers, Bloomfield coffee makers as well as Brewmatic coffee makers. After 34 years of success, we expanded online to offer our vast array of products to customers nationwide.

Pamasco is more than commercial coffee equipment though. Although we still offer several different types of equipment, our focus has increased on providing a vast array of replacement parts for our customers. During these difficult economic times, it has become apparent that many business's & individuals across the country are opting to repair and extend the life of their beverage equipment rather than replacing them.

We are very proud of our 45+ years of providing superior products and service to our clients. It is our customers who set the standards of our quality and commitment. We thank you for your business and hope to provide for you for many years to come.